Join us for a culinary journey around the world.

Set in the heart of Sudirman Central Business District in the elegant shadows of Pacific Place Mall, the relaxed surroundings of Odysseia Restaurant, Bar and Lounge can be found. Follow the tuneful melodies and sounds of laughter and friendly conversation to our divine abode.

With a menu fused from a variety of Western and Asian dishes, there is something to wet everyone's tastebuds. Whether you prefer a bite from the land, a catch from the sea, or something from our wide selection of appetisers and desserts, the eclectic mix is sure to please all.

Our fridges are filled with ice-cold beers from all over the world, as well as wines imported from France, Italy, Australia and many other corners of the globe. We have a wide array of spirits including a single malt collection fit for a king and a cocktail list ranging from the classics right through to our signature liquid delights.

Drop by in the week to unwind and let the stresses of your day ease away. Alternatively, join us on a Thursday evening for the delectable sounds of our resident band, and as the weekend approaches our resident DJ sets the tone for your evening.

So come and visit us any time. Our friendly staff will always be pleased to see you, and you'll always be welcomed with open arms.
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The freshest fish and the juiciest steaks in town! Both our Asian and Western influences come from the freedom of travel and the ability to roam the world as our hearts desire. We want to take your palate on a culinary journey. Whether you want to enjoy a 3-course meal or just drop in for a snack, our menu caters for all diners.

99% of all problems can be solved with money, for the other 1% there’s alcohol… And what a selection we have. Our variety of signature cocktails and mocktails designed by our in-house mixologists are a taste of heaven, along with our champagne and classic selection. A single malt list as long as your arm and a whole collection of spirits and liquors. Premium and flavoured teas, a delectable 6 bean coffee mix, and the finest of beers from all over the European continent.

Our cellars are stocked with a great variety of grapes and an array of vintages to please any connoisseur. Our experienced resident Sommelier is always here to help you make a perfect pair between your wine and your food. From an elegant dry Merlot, through to a fruity light-bodied Pinot Noir, wine romanticises any gastronomic journey. Because wine without a meal, is like a life without love.